As we undertake the real estate journey with our clients, we often pen down some of our thoughts, observations of the market and share tips on selecting the best properties and units currently available.

Of course our insights are our opinions and might not resonate with some. We welcome comments and discussion in our posts. Please feel free to click on our posts and blogs for further information. 

We apologise if any content may be contentious and biased, as they are based on our actual thoughts and experiences, which may differ from individuals to individuals. Accordingly, any thoughts and advice may not be suitable for all home owners as circumstances may differ, if in doubt, please consult a financial advisor.  

We leave you with a quote on what we believe in:

Properties are not created equally; there are properties that are of better value and have higher upside potential for capital appreciation. At SGFirstHome, we believe that we can help our customers pick the right property, balancing investment with home living. 

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