About Us

At SG First Home, we believe in helping you make the right decision when it comes to owning a home in Singapore. Feel free to visit our Instagram page to learn more about the property industry in Singapore!

Shermin Yong – Founder of SGFirstHome (Propnex)

Graduating from the Singapore Management University (SMU) and having worked five years in the corporate sector undertaking tax accounting work for various real estate companies and clients, Shermin is well familiar with a thing or two about compliance reporting and the local real estate market. Shermin made her first real estate purchase in 2016 through an executive condominium, and is a firm believer that everyone should be equipped with the necessary knowledge to make the best home choice in Singapore.

She believes in helping her client through:

🍾🥂 EC homeowner  in NE region – Demonstrating the upside potential of EC and the various grants available and is familiar with current and historical psf of the flats, condominium and executive condo to provide a fair comparison of NE living.
🍾🥂 Millennial focused – Addressing concerns on loan financing, starting a family, and sharing everyday lifestyle tips such as the best food, instagrammable spots, and primary schools/ childcare in the various areas.
🍾🥂 Strong financial background – As a certified chartered accountant, Shermin is well equipped to address financial concerns and provide analytical analysis on the various properties based on facts and figures.

🍾🥂 Focus on home interior – Sharing information on renovation, such as home improvement and styling tips.



Malcolm See – Founder of SGFirstHome 

Malcolm is a certified Chartered Accountant, with a double degree in Business Administration & Accountancy from the Singapore Management University (Summa Cum Laude). He currently oversees the financial reporting and performance of a trustee management company with asset totalling SGD1.8 billion. Having worked previously with some of the largest IPOs (including REITs) and listed developers in Singapore and Hong Kong, Malcolm is familiar with the real estate market. He believes that despite the lower returns in the local real estate market in recent years, the local real estate market still provides decent returns and opportunities which homeowners can stay diversified in with minimal risk.

He is happy to share tips of his knowledge and works closely with Shermin to provide the best value to potential home-owners.